The Terasem Hypothesis

1. An adequately detailed and organized set of digital bemes of a person's mannerisms, personality, recollections, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and values captures their consciousness in a state of biostasis, and when coupled with future software that elicits the consciousness immanent in such digital reflections, will enable the person to be revived, feel alive, and enjoy a sense of conscious continuity with themselves.

2. A revived cyber-conscious person, with future technology, may be downloaded into a nanobiotechnological body, based either primarily on nanotechnology or primarily on a body regenerated from a stem cell with its brain tissue cyberconscious-harmonized, and may thereafter continue their life with the same sense of self as when they originally stored digital bemes of themselves for future revival.

The primary mission of the Terasem Movement, Inc. is to test the Terasem Hypotheses first by collecting digital bemes and later, as software technology advances, by attempting revitalization of such consciousness in computerized biostasis.

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